Monday, March 30, 2009

Disney Copies, Vol. 1

Donald Duck is one of the greatest cartoon characters ever, and my personal favorite of the classic Disney characters. So, as you can imagine, I prepped to construct him myself. Strictly for practice, of course.
Those two sketches are taken from frames in the 1951 short, 'Lucky Number'.
This is Donald as seen on a 1930s model sheet. Pretty vague, but this next one has a clear origin...
This is Donald as seen on the poster for the 1943 short, 'Donald's Tire Trouble'.
This is a Donald pose from the theatrical poster of the 1945 classic (by my watch) musical, 'The Three Caballeros'.
Here's a frame of Fred Moore's animation right from the film. Though I drew it off of a rough drawing out of 'Illusion of Life'.

And how about another pose taken from 'Illusion of Life'?

I'll wrap this up with a pose right out of the 1938 short, 'Donald's Golf Game'.

The 'Illusion of Life' text: that's a good place to look for top-notch drawings to construct from.

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  1. Spot on Donald sketches! Really captured his spazzy outbursts well. He's always been my favorite Disney character.

    Bill W