Thursday, March 19, 2009

New material

Whoops. I should have updated again by now.
Wells, for anyone checking in, I have some new drawings. These are based on frames from, get this, the 1980s opus, 'The Chipmunk Adventure'. They're taken from 'The Boys and Girls of Rock and Roll' sequence.

Now, why draw from a film like this? Well, the animation in it is actually really good. It goes without saying that the bulk of animation was done by some top Disney animators (in a stint after 'The Black Cauldron' made for some pesky layoffs.)

I'd say that these aren't perfect, but a start. Look closely at the actual sequence, and my drawings are a wee off in terms of spacing. These chipmunks are hard to draw. I will do some more of these soon enough: they look great.

Soon, I want to get underway "copying" frames of Ward Kimball animation from 'Pinnochio'. His Cricket drawings, among others, are stunning.

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